New Verbatim 92847 5.2gb WORM Media 5.25"

New Verbatim 92847 5.2gb WORM Media 5.25"

Product Description:

This item is a Verbatim 92847 5.2gb WORM Media 5.25".  New Verbatim Media has a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

This Verbatim Write-Once MO disk performs error-free in demanding jukebox and library mechanisms. This MO disk features a special anti-static/dust-resistant coating that eliminates the problem of static charge, while protecting the cartridge against debris and moisture.

Verbatim 5.25" MO disks are ideal for desktop publishing, medical imaging, legal and financial applications, and multimedia creations. 5.25" MO disks erase, update, and archive data repeatedly without fear of data loss. CCW WORM disks are specifically designed for use as write-once media in ISO Standard 5.25" multifunction drives, data cannot be altered without detection. MO disks are certified to withstand over 100,000 insertions in optical disk libraries/jukeboxes, and archival life exceeds 40 years! Verbatim has custom formatting, printing, private labeling, and duplication services available. 

Verbatim's MO Disks are specially designed to withstand repetitive mechanical handling. Unique features like the slip ring and plastic centered hub add unparalleled reliability, especially in Jukebox environments. And, the media surface has a special protective coating to safeguard information for a lifetime of service. Verbatim branded MO Disks are now treated with a special proprietary anti-static coating that helps reduce electrostatic charges that can cause problems in Jukebox/Library mechanisms.

Product Details:

  • Verbatim 92847 
  • 5.2gb
  • WORM 
  • 5.25"
  • Lifetime Warranty

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