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Adaptec 29320LPE SCSI Card

Adaptec 29320LPE SCSI Card

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Adaptec 29320LPE SCSI Card

Product Description:

The Adaptec 29320LPE, PCIe x1, single-channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA is a low profile SCSI card ideal for attaching tape drives, tape libraries, magneto-optical drives, DVD libraries, JBODs, RAID Arrays and other SCSI peripherals to servers and workstations.  With one external and one internal SCSI connector, support for up to 15 SCSI devices, the 29320LPE enables incredible flexibility in configuring your system.

Product Details:

  • PCIe x 1
  • Single Channel
  • Low Profile
  • Supports up to 15 devices
  • External Connector - One 68-pin VHDCI
  • Internal Connector - One 68-pin Ultra 320
  • Data transfer rate 320 MByte/sec
  • 6 Month warranty
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