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Exabyte Eagle TR-3 2.1 / 4.2GB Internal Tape Drive

Exabyte Eagle TR-3 2.1 / 4.2GB Internal Tape Drive

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Refurbished Exabyte Eagle TR-3 2.1 / 4.2gb Travan tape drive. 

The Eagle TR-3 is a minicartridge tape drive that interfaces directly with a floppy controller in a computer. When used with backup software, this tape drive is ideally suited for system backup and restore tasks in a desktop PC environment. The Eagle TR-3 can store up to 4.2 gigabytes of data on a single minicartridge (depending on the cartridge type and assuming a software data compression ratio of 2:1). To increase the Eagle TR-3’s data transfer rate, you can connect the tape drive to the Exabyte Accelerator card.With this card installed in your computer, the Eagle TR-3 can accept data at twice the speed of most floppy controller cards.

Bare drive. Media and Cables available but not included

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