HP C1114J 5200EX 5.2GB Magneto Opt Dr. With SONY EDM-5200B 5.2GB Rewrit. Media

HP C1114J Surestore 5200EX         External 5.2GB Optical Drive with 1pc NEW Sealed EDM-5200B 5.2gb Rewritable Media

Product Description:

This item is an HP C1114J (Surestore 5200EX) External 5.2gb SCSI Magneto Optical Drive with 1 pc of NEW Sealed EDM-5200B 5.2gb RW media.  The drive is refurbished and has a 90 day warranty.

Product Details:

  • External 
  • 5.2GB 
  • SCSI
  • with 1 pc of NEW Media

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