Imation 640mb NEON Media Win Box of 5 -Clamshell *NEW* 3.5"

Imation 640MB MO Media in Clamshell Box   *NEW*
Box of 5 Pieces  Rewritable 3.5"
Media is in NEON Colors
Same as SONY EDM-640B & EDM-640C
5 Pack box is sealed. But media is in a clam-shell box"  

Product Description:

This item is an Imation 640MB MO Media   *NEW* 5 Pieces  Re-writable 3.5" in a clam-shell Box.

Product Details:

  • Box of 5 
  • 5 Pieces (Not Individually wrapped)
  • Box is factory sealed.
  • Imation 640mb
  • 640 MB MO Disk
  • 2048B/S

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