NEW Boxed SONY RMO-S561 9.1 GB External Drive - 1 Year Warranty

Product Description:

New Boxed SONY RMO-S561 9.1 GB External Magneto Optical Drive.  

This drive is NO LONGER AVAILABLE THROUGH DISTRIBUTION.  We have a limited supply.  

Unit is New, Boxed and we give a 1 Year Warranty.  Sony RMO-S561 Reads EDM-9100C & CWO-9100C Media as well as many other 5.2gb to 9.1gb disks.  Includes power cord.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer:Sony 
  • Manufacturer Part #:RMO-S561
  • Device Type: Magneto-Optical Drive
  • Form Factor: External
  • Total Storage Capacity: Native: 5.2 GB/disk
  • Media Type: Magneto-Optical
  • New Boxed
  • 1 year warranty

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