*NEW* Xerox UDO30RW 97-0852-000 5.25" 30GB RW Optical Media, Sealed Lot of 5

5-Pack *NEW* Xerox UDO30RW Optical Disk 97-0852-000 5.25" 30GB
Rewritable Optical Media - Sealed

Product Description:

This item is a Lot of 5 *NEW* Xerox UDO30RW, 97-0852-000 Optical Disk 5.25" Cartridge Rewritable Media. This rewritable media is in the UDO format and holds up to 30GB. It is still sealed and available in small quantities, or as a part of a large order. If you would like a large quantity feel free to make us an offer.

Product Details:

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