Philips 72PDO Used Rewritable 1 Piece Media 2.6 GB - EDM-2600C

Philips 72PDO 2.6Gb Rewritable 

1 Piece

1024 byte/sector

Same as EDM-2600B & EDM-2600C

Product Description:

This item is a single piece of Philips 2.6Gb Rewritable Magneto Optical Disk designed for use with large scale, high security, or permanent storage applications. Provides easy data access and permanent data storage that can't be altered or erased. Antistatic shell coating prevents static buildup which can cause read/write errors. Magneto-Optical Disk is engineered to meet and surpass ISO/IEC/ANSI standards.

Product Details:

  • Philips 72PDO Rewritable Media
  • 2.6 Gb
  • 1024 byte/sector
  • 1 Piece

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