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Pioneer DE-UH7101 Internal 654MB Int. Optical Drive

Pioneer DE-UH7101 Internal 654MB Int. Optical Drive

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Pioneer DE-UH7101 Internal 654mb Magneto Optical Drive
Drive is fully refurbished and has a 90 day warranty

The Pioneer DE-UH7101 is a proprietary removable-storage device offering the outstanding reliability and exceptional durability that MO drives are known for. The Pioneer DE-UH7101 reads and writes to both the Pioneer DEC702 654mb R/W Optical Media and Pioneer DC-502 654mb WORM Media. The Pioneer DE-UH7101 is currently being used in telecommunications, finance, medical imaging, desktop publishing (DTP), and audio and video editing.

Note: This product is sold as a bare drive only. Package does not include instruction manual, media, or SCSI cables. Cables and SCSI cards are available for purchase.

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