Sony EDM-2300C 5 Piece 2.3GB 512 b/s RW MO Media (same as EDM-2300B)

SONY EDM-2300B  2.3GB RW Optical Disk 512 B/S - 5 pieces
Same as  SONY EDM-2300C 

Media is Used and has been cleaned and formatted.

Product Description:

This item is 5 pieces USED SONY EDM-2300B 2.3GB RW Optical Disk 512 B/S.  The media has been cleaned and formatted.  It comes in a plastic case.  It does not come with a label card.  

Product Details:



  • EDM-2300C
  • 2.3GB
  • Rewriteable
  • 512b/s
  • Used
  • 5 pieces

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