5 Pieces Sony MO Media 4.8GB RW 5.25'' 1024 b/s Optical Disk EDM-4800C

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Sony MO Media  4.8GB RW 5.25'' 1024 byte/sector
5 Pieces in this auction
Used Optical Disk EDM-4800C

Product Description:

This item is a Sony Mo Media 4.8GB Optical Disk.With its high-speed random access and massive storage capacity, the 5.25 MO lends itself to a wide variety of applications. MO drives can be easily connected to PCs and workstations including LAN and Web servers to handle computer graphics, CAD/CAM, X-ray and ultra-sound medical images, non-linear audio/video editing, and government agency or library document archiving.

Limited lifetime warranty available at:  http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/cat-datastorage/cat-storagemedia/resource.solutions.bbsccms-assets-cat-datastorage-solutions-StorageMediaWarrantyInfo.shtml

Product Details:

  • Qty 5 X 4.8GB
  • 5.25 MO
  • 1024 byte/sector
  • Used EDM-4800C

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